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What is Wikityo?

Wikityo is a free application that helps students learn to collaborate. Wikityo is well suited for grades 3-8 when working habits develop.

Wikityo is a modest contribution to "Changing Education Paradigms". Like Sir Ken Robinson, we believe that "great learning happens in groups" and "collaboration is the stuff of growth". Wikityo encourages students to contact friends and class volunteers when they cannot figure out their homework. The list of friends and volunteers is defined and managed by the teacher. They can also access some videos to review the content of the lesson as they do their homework, again, this content is defined by the teacher.

Wikityo is currently available on Nokia phones and the iPhone and supported by a set of Data Services hosted in the Cloud. It was built with m|oppr, an innovative model driven mobile application platform built by Convergence Modeling.