Wikityo is a free smart phone application that helps students collaborate in working on their homework. The core of the application is the Assignment view. On this page, the student can select the video that the teacher associated with the assignment. The application tracks how long it takes to do complete the assignment. The student can also press the help button to phone anyone in his support group. The support group is set up by the teacher. A class can be devided in several support groups and include parent volunteers.

Here is a quick introduction on how to use the mobile application.


The first step is to create your profile. When you enter a valid zip code, wikityo displays the list of schools, if your school is not in the list, you may want to enter its information.

Once you have entered your profile, you can create assignments, assign students to groups, enter the information for a parent volunteer and check the statistics of the class on a particular assignment.


You only need to register when you want to create a study group. If your child's teacher is using wikityo, it is best to let him or her manage your child's assignment. A study group is like a "school", several parents can register to the same study group and manage different groups of students. If there is already a study group in your area, it is ok to create your "class room" in that study group, rather than creating a new one. For instance, someone may have created a study group, in your zip code. It is ok to simply add yourself to the study group. Children would however register their application with you, so they will only see your assignments and not the ones of any other parent in the study group.

From there, you can pretty much do the same thing a teacher would do: create assignments, manage groups of students, check statistics...


All you need to do is to find and install Wikityo from the AppStore associated to your phone and follow these instructions to set it up and use it.

Please make sure that one parent or guardian provides consent for the student to use the application.

The system is set up with a demo teacher and student account. Once you install the application on your device, you can try it out, by entering the following information in the settings tab:

School	: George Washington
Name	: Benjamin Franklin
Name	: Andrew Jackson
email	:
Zip	: 00001
Password: 1234

You'll be able to check Andy's homework and his friend list.