COPPA Statement to Parents and Guardians

This is the Web Site of We can be reached at:

In order for your child to enjoy all the features of the Wikityo mobile application he or she needs to register from the mobile application you dowloaded and as a parent, you need to provide consent for your child to use the application.

We do not collect information that is not submitted purposely and willfully by the users of the site. Children should not use this web site at all, it is strictly reserved for teachers, tutors and parents.

Any information collected will not be shared with anyone under any circumstances. We try to protect our servers the best we can against any form of intrusion. However, the data exchanged between the web site and our servers is unencrypted. We do not wish to collect your last name, usually your first name and if necessary the first letter of your last name should be enough for teachers, students and parents to identify each other. We do not require the email address to be valid, for us it is just an indentifier and we will never send our users, adults or children an email. The only reason we are collecting phone numbers is to enable the application used by a student to call another student. That field is not mandatory, so you are not required to enter a phone number at which your child can be reached. Again, we will never use or share this information with anyone.

Your child's information cannot be accessed online, it can only be accessed from the mobile application with a valid email and password combination. Only the teacher you selected in the child profile (which could be a parent if a study group is used) can assign your child to a group. There is no way a complete stranger could appear on your child friends list. uses Google Analytics to provide aggregate user information to determine the popularity and usage patterns of our web pages. In order to gather this aggregate information, Google Analytics cookies are set during each visit to For more information on Google Analytics and their privacy policy, visit

Homework information is purged every month and we delete our entire database on August 1st every year.